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Current Features

Bevere Manor and Camp Ferry a glimpse back to 1945 when parish drinking options were more varied! August 2010

The Napoleonic Wars come to Claines, 1803. How 10 Claines men ended up fighting Napoleon. 1 June 2009

John Russell, Iron and Coal Master. A historical feature on this Victorian entrepreneur with roots and family connections to Claines, and information on the Young Ladies Academy in Claines. 1st March 2009

The Secrets of Claines Tower (Its bells and bell ringers). A journey up Claines tower, including full history and photographs of the bells, the tower and tower views, with details on past and present ringers. 2 May 2008

The Whinfield Photographs. A fascinating photographic glimpse into the parish of Claines, its church and people with 22 photographs covering the period 1885-1914. 30th March 2008.

From Claines to Cree Indians. The story of Edwin Watkins from Claines, who became a missionary to the Cree Indians in Canada in the 1850’s. 25th January 2008

Harry’s War. The story of a Claines man who fought at Gallipoli in 1915 and lived to return home. 28th October 2007.

Reverend Moore. A unique piece of history returns to Claines, 70 years on, via a pub in Northamptonshire!

Stray notes on a Church in Worcestershire, Claines in 1846. Read a visitors account of Claines Church and its people  and see how things have  (or haven’t) changed!  2nd April 2007

Wire Walking and Victorian Tragedy- The Colley family. A feature on the Colley Family from Claines, a real gem of family history research. 26th Feb 2007.

Octavus Hales Sanderson- A secret life. A fascinating piece of research on a Victorian Claines Gentleman and his possible bigamous marriage. 28 November 2006

Sons of Claines - Lest we Forget  A feature history page, with detailed information on Claines first First World War Casualty. Help us build this section. 27th October 2006

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