Claines Millennium Quest in 2010

Ten years ago the Claines Millennium Quest was launched. Today it is still unsolved!

It has frustrated many of those who have been trying to solve it. Of the original 30 or so “Questors” some have given up, some passed on and some persist!

Launched in 2000 it represents a challenging journey through the history, people and facets of Claines Church and the surrounding parish. The prize, a watercolour of Claines Church by well known artist Christopher Hughes, remains unclaimed.

More “Questors” are needed if the secrets are to be solved. It is likely to appeal to you if you:

  1. Still have an active and enquiring mind..
  2. Enjoy reading Dan Brown novels..
  3. Need a distraction for a few months/years..
  4. Imagine yourself to be a deep thinker..
  5. Always wanted to be a detective..
  6. Like puzzles, crosswords or anagrams..
  7. Consider you know a lot about Claines, or would like to.

Ask for a copy at Church, or email to enter. Copies are £5 + £1  postage if needed. They can also be purchased at the Mug House, Claines.

Please see the original Quest page for more details...

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Millennium Quest author Geoff Sansome, back left, and Claines curate Nick Kaleniuk with Russell Allen, front, who is still trying to complete the quest.

See Worcester News Article from 8th February 2010, below

Ten years on, and still no one has cracked our very own Da Vinci Code”