Claines Millennium Quest - “Still unsolved!”

Take a fascinating journey through Claines and win a framed watercolour of Claines Church.

Ten years ago the Claines Millennium Quest was launched. No one has yet solved it and the prize remains unclaimed.

Shown below is the Quest introduction and a flavour of what it is all about.

Picture reproduced from an original print by kind permission of the artist, Christopher Hughes, Barbourne Fine Art.


Welcome to the Claines Millennium Quest!

If this is the first time you have visited St John Baptist, Claines, we hope you will enjoy our church as a place of worship and as a tranquil corner in beautiful surroundings.

A place of worship has existed on this site for over 1,000 years.

Originally a daughter chapel of the city church, St Helens, Claines became a separate parish in the 1500’s. At one time the parish stretched to the city walls but as Worcester grew, daughter parishes were created within Claines; St Stephen’s, St George’s, St Barnabas, St Mary’s to name a few. Because of its rich history Claines Church has many interesting features. Some of these are obvious and well known; others will surprise some that have a long acquaintance with the church. The purpose of this Quest is to open your eyes afresh to some of those features and some of Claines history.

The Quest is a journey and in that journey we hope you will discover the beauty of our church that contributes so much to the spiritual presence that greets those who enter it. Starting on that journey you will also be contributing to ensuring that Claines is maintained and preserved for future generations to appreciate also.

We wish you an enjoyable and fruitful Quest!


In the Quest you will find a series of tasks that lead you to the Quest objective. Each task in itself is a process, with a series of clues that all contribute to the single answer required at the end of each task. Those clues are obvious, imaginative, cryptic, anagrammatic, obtuse and occasionally frustrating. Whether you know Claines Church or not it is possible to reach the final destination. The only things you need to assist you are;

a pair of eyes and an enquiring mind


the books you would commonly find in church

the chance to talk to some local people

You do not need to move anything, disturb anything or anyone. There is a reward at the end of your successful journey but no hidden treasure to necessitate disturbing any of the building or grounds of the church.

Your journey will take you inside and outside the church. You should consider different times of the day for your search. At all times please respect the church as a place of worship and those who worship in it.

There are 20 tasks to complete to reach your final destination. All tasks must be completed successfully or else you will fail your Quest. Summarise your findings in Numerare. The final worksheets will draw together all your findings into the final search for the Quest end.

Whether you complete the journey or not, we trust you will enjoy, and learn from, the Quest.

As an example please see the first task on the next page. There are another 19 similarly taxing tasks awaiting those who wish to pursue the Quest. If you wish to enter in full you will need to send £5 +£1 P&P in UK for the full Quest entry details. They are available in Claines Church or you can makes a payment via our PayPal link. All the money supports Claines Church.  Alternatively please email for details or visit the Mug House at Claines where they are on sale.


Harold met his end in 1066

Giving name to a rank, many admire.

South it lies but in winter there blows

Draughts on the necks of the men in the choir.

This rank and our battle lead us right on

To guess at the place, a life spent upon.

Proceed and admire a wonderful scene

From seven to forty, angel serene

Looks down at two men who spent in common

Three days and three nights, so we can fathom.

Three, two and five loaves show the direction

Of thought as our journey nears completion.

Continue your voyage, trim the great sails,

Return safely home where sailors tell tales.

How many?

This is the first of 20 tasks that must be completed to achieve the Quest objective.

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