Claines Junior Bishop 2015

Bishop2012 HOME Mail:

Congratulations to Maddie Palmer aged 11, who has been installed as the 45th Junior Bishop of Claines.

Maddie and her family are lifelong worshippers at Claines. Maddie is a bellringer at Claines, plays in the Music Group and worships regularly at Claines with her sisters Amy and Katie , her mother and grandparents. She is being supported by Eva Mushen who is a her Chaplain and Eva takes an active role helping with prayers and other duties. Maddie follows her sister Amy, who was Junior Bishop in 2013 making a historical first for Sisters at Claines.

Maddie was  installed as Junior Bishop on Sunday 6th December, by Reverend Jo Musson. This date, St Nicholas’ day is the traditional start for Junior Bishop duties. Maddie will undertake a wide range of duties until  27th December. Amongst these will be regular readings, parish visits, and preaching on Christmas Day!  

Well done Maddie!

See more details on the history and tradition of  Claines Junior Bishops

Maddie Palmer, 45th Junior Bishop of Claines,

To left, Revd Jo Musson: Junior Bishop, Maddie Palmer; Junior Bishop’s Chaplain, Eva Mushen

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