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The following list of individuals is extracted from Littlebury’s Directory and Gazetteer of Worcester & District, Third Edition, 1879.

It lists private residents and Agricultural & Commercial individuals in Claines.

(Claines is described as including Fearnall Heath, Bevere, Northwick, Astwood, Tolladine. A footnote also records “The principal portion of the parish of Claines is comprised within the limits of the City of Worcester”. This was before the daughter parishes of St Stephens, St Georges and St Barnabas were carved out of Claines.)


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Name and location


Abell George Pearce, Esq., Northwick villa


Ames Frederick, Esq., J.P. (master of the Worcestershire hunt), Hawford lodge

The Worcestershire Hunt was here before they moved to the Kennels, now Kings Hawford School.

Bailey Mr. John, Stephenson cottage, Fearnall heath


Barker David W., Esq., Mayfield house


Barneby Thomas, Esq., F.R.A.S., Morton house, Fearnall heath

Now Morton House retirement home

Baylis Richard, Esq., Dilmore lodge, Fearnall heath


Bayliss Wm. Henry, Esq., Mount Elbury


Berkeley Major H. W., Lyppard grange


Bird George Adam, Esq., Glenthorn


Brook Mrs. S., Keephill cot., Fearnall hth


Brook Mr. William, Hill cottage, Bevere


Castle Captain Charles, Hawford house

Still Hawford House, though now all apartments. (A field opposite is still called “Castles Meadow”)

Chamberlain Mr., Church house

Church House, still exists, now home of Phillips family

Cook Mr. Jas. C., Dilmore cot., Fearnall hth.


Copple Mrs., Fearnall heath

Lived at “The Laurels” (Now High Barn, Droitwich Road.

Crump The Misses, Little Perdiswell


Curtler Thomas Gale, Esq., J.P., D.L., Bevere house

Owned 700 acres in Claines. One of the major patrons of Claines. Bevere House is now flats.

Curtler Rev. Thomas Gale, M.A. (patron and vicar of St. Stephen’s, Barbourne, and rural dean of East Worcester), Bevere Knoll

Son of above, Bevere Knoll still exists as a private residence.

Dixon Thomas, Esq., Elbury house


Dobbs Mr. William, Fearnall heath


Eginton Miss E. Audley, Perdiswell cot.


Heyworth Major, Bevere bank


Holl Dr. Harvey Buchanan, F.G.S., Little Perdiswell


Hooper Alfred C., Esq., The Grange

Now “The Grange” private School

Hughes Wm. P., Esq., Fearnall Heath ho.


Hughes William Samuel Price, Esq., Northwick hall

Hall no longer exists

Jolley Mrs., Tapenhall cot., Fearnall hth.


King Mr. Thomas C., Firland lodge, Fearnall heath


Lavie Major Ernest, J.P., Bevere


Lilley Miss Jane, Fearnall heath


Mence Miss, Fearnall heath


Page Mr. Joseph, Fearnall heath


Penn James, Esq., Common hill


Rich Styles, Esq., Cedars, Fearnall hth.


Rowe Mr. Alfred, Fearnall heath


Smallwood Rev. William John, M.A. (vicar of Claines), The Vicarage

Old Vicarage, sold in 1980’s now a private residence

Smith Carington Richard, Esq., J.P. (for city of Worcester), Barbourne house


Stallard Josiah, Esq. D.L., The Blanquettes


Walker Henry, Esq., Perdiswell hall

Hall burnt down mid 1900’s, now Worcester Park and ride.

Whinfield Edward Wray, Esq., Severn Grange, Northwick


Wilson John Pardoe, Esq., Bevere firs






Adams Francis & Thos., frms., Ladywood


Atkins William, boot and shoe maker, Northwick


Barker David Wilson, brick manufacturer, Worcester patent brick works


Barnes David, machinist, Fearnall heath


Beard Stephen, fruiterer, &c.


Beedom James & Henry, millers, Porter’s mill; and 29 Tything, Worcester


Belwood Henry, coal merchant, Hawford wharf, and miller, Hawford mill

Hawford Wharf is now “Riverside” at bottom of Lock lane, Hawford Mill is a campsite.

Bennett Charles, station master, Fearnall Heath railway station

No longer a station.

Bill Henry, miller, Mildenham mill

Explains why the mill is known locally as “Bills  Mill”.

Boaz George, miller, Gregory’s mill

Now a trading estate.

Brook Wm., farmer, Hill cottage, Bevere


Butler James, surveyor, Bevere green


Calder Alfred, farmer, Upper Astwood


Carruthers Thos., New Inn, Ombersley rd.

New Inn still serving!

Chambers William, farmer, Astwood, and at Spring Bank farm


Cole George, carpenter, Fearnall heath


Colley Edward, fruit dealer, Fearnall hth.


Collins James, Raven Inn, Red hill


Coombs Mrs. S., laundress, Bilford lane


Cox Miss J., shopkeeper, Fearnall hth.


Davey Joseph, master of Hindlip national school, Fearnall heath


Davies John, wheelwright, Fearnall hth.

Lived at Laburnam Cottage, now Laburnam House

Dawson Tom, huntsman, Fearnall heath


Day William, farmer, Little Tolladine (and in Warndon parish)


Denovan James, farmer, Holy Claines farm

Farm house still exists, most of land consumed for Blackpole trading estate

Ely John, boot maker, Fearnall heath


Emuss John, butcher, Fearnall heath


Evans Ambrose, shoemkr., Fearnall heath


Evans Arth., bricklayer, Churchyard cot.

Original Churchyard Cottage demolished early 1900’s, replaced by current one.

Evans George, baker, Fearnall heath


Evans Frank, Mug House, near Church

Mug House, still serving!

Evans J., parish sexton, Churchyard cot.

As Arthur Evans

Evans Wm., shopkeeper, Fearnall heath


Haines Thomas, rlwy. Clerk, Fearnall hth.


Harris Wm., mkt. gardener, Corn meadow


Hartwright James Ford, farmer, Linacres

Linacres Farm, Egg Lane. No longer a separate farm, but house is a private residence

Hayler C., farmer and fruiterer, Lower Town farm


Herbert Charles, farmer, Tapenhall farm

Still exists as Tapenhall Farm

Higgins John, farmer, Great Tolladine


Hughes Edwin, poulterer, Dilmore lane


Hughes Jos., Virgin Tavern, Tolladine

Virgin tavern, still serving!

Jackson John R. G., farmer, Corn Meadow Green farm, and Green farm, Bevere

Corn Meadow Green farm no longer exists. Green Farm does, home of Gwillams..

Jackson Rd. T., farmer, Upper Tapenhall


Jelley Mary A., shopkeeper, Fearnall hth.


Jones Mrs. E., laundress, Fearnall hth.


Jones Heming, mkt. gardener, Northwick


Key Erasmus, bull Inn, Fearnall heath

Bull Inn, still serving

Kibblewhite Walter, master of Claines national school, School house

School was established in 1841, still teaching!

Knott Charles, shopkeeper, Northwick


Layland Arthur, practical tailor, ladies’ riding habit and jacket maker, &c., Fearnall heath


Martin John, poultry dealer, Church cot.


Mayhouse Thos. C., farmer, Tapenhall


Miles Mrs. Elizth., farmer, Astwood fm.


Mills Jn., builder, Elm cot., Fearnall hth.


Moss George, farmer, Brick House farm


Munslow Jas., coml.. clerk, Fearnall hth.


Munslow Miss Elizabeth, Half-Way House, Fearnall heath

Halfway House House, still serving!

North Charles, organist of Claines church and pianoforte tuner (attends as pianist at evening parties, balls, &c.), Laburnam villa, Fearnall heath


Pollard George, farmer, Brickfields


Powell Wm., coal agent, Fearnall heath


Preece Charles, butler for Henry Allsopp, Esq., M.P., The Laurels, Fearnall heath


Read George, head gardener for Frederick Ames, Esq., J.P., Hawford

Cottages still exist at “Kings Hawford” School

Robinson Joseph, farm bailiff for Richard Price Hill, Esq., Brickfields farm

Now Brickfields Estate

Rowe William Broad, nurseryman, seedsman, and florist, Barbourne nurseries (see advt. opposite “Nurserymen” in “Worcester Classified Directory)


Sansome Isaac John, farmer, Oak farm, Ombersley road

Sansome family still at Oak Farm.

Smith Alfred, farer and hay dealer, Moat farm, Astwood

Farm no longer exists, mainly site of Elgar College of Technology. Farmed by father of Isaac Sansome, above, before moving to Oak Farm.

Smith Henry, builder, bricklayer, &c., Fearnall heath


Smith Wm., shopkeeper, Fearnall heath


Smith Wm., farm bailiff, Northwick


South Wales and Cannock Chase Coal and Coke Co., Lim., depot at Fearnall hth. Station; William Powell, Agent


Tandy Edward, White Hart, Fearnall hth.

White Hart, still serving!

Taylor Mrs. laundress, Corn Meadow grn.


Taylor Daniel, farmer, Danes green

Now called “St Anthony’s”, in Robin Drive, Abberley Chase Estate

Taylor James, farmer, Northwick


Thomas, Mary A., laundress, Fearnall hth.


Tolley Elijah, carpenter, Fearnall heath


Tupper Mr., railway clerk, Bevere green


Turner Ephraim, farmer, Daniel’s farm

Daniels Farm still there, farmed by Phillips family

Wall William, farmer, Ladywood (and in Martin Hussingtree parish)


Warner William, miller, Hawford mill

Now Hawford Campsite

Webb Frederick Pace, brick manufacturer, Fearnall heath; and at 86 High street, Evesham


White Benjn., farmer, Portfield farm

Now the site of the Farmer;s Boy pub, Tolladine Road

White Henry, blacksmith, Fearnall hth.


Williams Mrs., blacksmith, Blackpool gr.


Wood John Tracey, farmer and landowner, Tutnall hall

Tutnall (Claines Lane) now private residences.

Woodward Edward, beer retailer (Live and Let Live), Fearnall heath

Live and Let Live demolished in 1980’s.

Woodyatt Charles, farmer, Spellis farm


Wyatt William, coachman, Fearnall hth.